Appeal for Gaza

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The living conditions in the Palestinian Gaza Strip are dire and continuously deteriorating. More people are becoming impoverished and their malnourished. The entire strip of land has been under Israeli siege and the entire population of 2 million citizens is restricted from movement and travel- the largest concentration camp on earth. Unemployment is very high and the purchasing power of the average Gazan has been diminished. Recently hundreds of Palestinians have been killed, injured and maimed by Israeli snipers for being Palestinians, wanting to be free and return to their ancestral villages in Palestine.

Micro Projects to Empower Palestinian Widows/Orphans

  • Building on our successes for the last three years in establishing micro projects for Widows/Orphans, we have decided to concentrate this year’s efforts on Gaza. A local Gazan team has been assembled to assist in selecting needy families and implement 12 micro projects for egg laying hens • All women will be deemed the head of needy households • All women will be monitored, advised and assisted for one year by our volunteers • The micro projects will entail building the chicken coops and providing feeders, 50-60 egg laying hens and their feed for one year.


Our goal is to raise $10,000 for this worthy project. Please get involved in empowering Palestinian Widows/Orphans in Gaza, Palestine and donate generously to make this year’s projects a success. Your donation will be used solely for this project and is tax deductible!

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