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  • The ODS Movement aims:

to encourage the free exchange of ideas on the One Democratic State in Historic Palestine (ODS) as incorporated in both The Dallas and The Munich ODS Declarations. Your views, ideas, and skills are greatly needed and appreciated. Participate with us and be involved.

  • We ask you to join us:

We invite you to develop and participate in ODS activities, familiarize yourself with the various Declarations of ODS in all of Palestine, share ODS information, and raise awareness about the ODS with local activists and organizations.

  • Join us:

to become an effective ambassador of the ideals of ODS in your community. We encourage positive energy and constructive discourse on our site. Please be courteous, thoughtful, and avoid any unnecessary mention or criticism of other fellow organizations or activists.

  • Please limit your comments:

here to the above-mentioned declarations, the ways and means to improve our work, and how to move forward towards the future ODS. Don’t hesitate to share your contact information and ideas with us.

  • This is a public forum for the exchange of ideas:

Yo can post your question(s) or comments about ODS here. Please be clear, concise, and courteous. A human response to all inquiries will be forthcoming. Unrelated postings will be deleted. Your participation and involvement are greatly appreciated.

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