Words of Welcome

You are browsing the official site of One Democratic State in historic Palestine, ODS .  This site provides you with the opportunity to read and study the available literature on the vision of ODS and the history and development of Zionism and settler colonial apartheid Israel. ODS stands for:

1.  Repudiating Zionism as a political, settler colonial, and racist ideology,
2.  Abolishing settler colonial apartheid Israel and the creation in historic Palestine of a one democratic state for all those who currently live there and all those who were expelled over the past century and their descendants, and
3.  Enabling the Palestinian refugees to realize their right of return to all the places from where they were expelled, rebuilding their personal life, and participating in creating the new state. Private property of Palestinian refugees shall be restored and restitution and compensation arranged.

Also, this site provides you with the opportunity to register and be involved in the Forum. Your ideas and intellectual contribution are encouraged and greatly appreciated.

We do not claim perfection but we strive to make a difference. Please do not hesitate to suggest ideas to make this site more user-friendly and provide us with ODS related news, articles, videos, documents, etc. to enrich this site.  If you find this site beneficial, do not forget to recommend and share it with friends, students and fellow activists.

Thank you!