About Us

You are browsing the official site of One Democratic State in historic Palestine, ODS.  

This site provides you with the opportunity to read the available literature on the vision of ODS and the history and development of Zionism and settler colonial apartheid Israel. Additionally, this site is functioning as a participatory platform open to all groups, organizations and individuals who identify with this vision of tomorrow’s Palestine.

This approach is motivated by the lack of collaboration between all the components of the ODS movement and the disappearance and dispersion that characterizes it. 

It is an adequate response to this situation of fragmentation, promoting unity based on the recognition of secondary differences as long as the central objectives are shared and as long as the agreement on the Palestinian national constants is unanimously respected.

Thus, this participatory platform aims to promote the pooling of resources, the generation of the contents of a shared political theory and a common strategy of struggle to achieve the goals of the liberation of historic Palestine, the return of its refugees and the establishment of its Democratic State for all its inhabitants without distinction of ethnicity, religion, culture, sex, or gender.

This platform is a space through which a flow of accessible  information passes, proposals, discussions between those who militate in this direction. 

It presents a place of fluid and continuous exchange, allowing a better organization of common activities inspired by the ODS proposal. 

With this website-platform: