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In Historic Palestine

  1. The creation of a unified one democratic state in Mandate Palestine.
  2. Repudiate Zionism and eliminate all forms of discrimination and segregation and end violence, militarism, and warfare.
  3. Unify Jewish Israelis and Palestinians in a shared non-ethnic democratic state in Palestine.
  4. Restore Palestinian inalienable rights in Palestine and to compensate Palestinians for their pain and suffering.
  5. Establish an international solidarity movement, composed of individuals and organizations, to organize and spearhead efforts to realize the objectives of one democratic state in Palestine.

Movement for ODS Proposed Plan of Action

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Plan of Action: Living Document

  • This Plan of Action is a living document, not a set of rules. It is intended to form a springboard for the Movement’s creative activities, to be amended and expanded over time.

Who We Are?

  • The Movement for One Democratic State in Palestine is a diverse movement, with members living in countries around the world, working in many types of jobs, and participating in many different kinds of social activities. 
  • That diversity is our greatest asset. Each member is best placed to know his or her best sphere of influence and what talents he or she can bring in support of the mission of ODS. 
  • Our Call must be: ONE VISION / MANY VOICES!


  • The immediate Objectives of the Movement:
  1. Establish consensus on the principles and goals of the ODS Movement as expressed in the Declaration.
  2. Implement a 5 years Plan of Action that will be debated and adopted at the Dallas Conference.


  1. Establish chapters of the ODS movement wherever a core group can be convened. Each chapter will:
    1. Encourage the creation of one additional chapter during the course of the year, as an annual target.
    2. Hold at least one public event to promote ODS. 
    3. Hold an annual ODS Movement Day of Activism. 
    4. Build cooperative projects between Palestinian ODS groups inside and outside of Palestine. 
  2. Establish an interactive website and other informational channels to promote the ideals of ODS.
  3. Build a data bank on ODS: authors, publications, organizations, activists, sites, speakers, etc.
  4. Pursue Programmed Activities:
    1. Hold study groups to discuss the meaning of the Declaration, tactics and strategy.
    2. Persuade other solidarity groups to adopt the Declaration of ODS, encourage them to participate in the Movement for ODS and its activities, and assist them in their efforts.
    3. Create educational, media, cultural, and economic resources to promote the ideals of ODS and share them with the whole network.
    4. Link ODS to the BDS movement so that BDS activities are properly harnessed for the ODS agenda.

Each Following Year

  1. Evaluate the work of the previous year, adjust where needed, and continue.
  2. Aim to double the number of chapters each year.
  3. Create self-sustaining charitable, media, cultural, and economic activities to maintain and aid the activities of ODS.

General Targets of Activism

  • The following are general goals for activism to build consensus on ODS. Methods used toward these goals should be creatively adapted by each Chapter to suit local conditions. 
  1. Build consensus in the Palestinian community, inside 48, in the Occupied Territories and internationally, to translate Palestinian national project into forming One Democratic State. 
  2. Cultivate consensus among Israeli-Jewish and Jewish communities elsewhere that formation of One Democratic State is inevitable, the only stable solution for Israel and the best solution for Jews globally.
  3. Persuade human rights organizations and activists in all fields that ODS is the only solution consistent with universal rights and enlist their support.
  4. Shift the foreign policy of state governments from supporting the two-state solution to supporting ODS. At least persuade governments not to endorse or support two-state negotiations, on grounds that these only serve a Bantustan process and will ensure instability.

Principles of Activism

  1. RESPECT DIFFERENT WORLDVIEWS. Palestinian Arabs, Arabs, Israeli-Jews, Jewish, and mixed groups need separate internal debates about ODS as well as mixed ones. Each group has different perspectives, fear, hopes and concerns regarding ODS solution, so sometimes separate conversations are needed. These constituencies are also interdependent. Consensus only among the Palestinians, or only among Israeli Jewish communities, will not enable progress toward ODS. All must agree that ODS is the best hope for a stable peace in order for all to be confident about its prospects and allow its peaceful creation. Allowing internal and mixed discussions will help thrash out the issues.
  2. RESPECT THE POWER OF MULTIPLE SECTORS. ODS must be debated and adopted at all social levels, from political elites to intellectuals to grassroots activists, in order to build the broad coalition that will ensure success. All these groups have distinct ways of thinking and working. Each supports the others by contributing knowledge, swaying opinion, and building consensus on a one-state solution within its own ambit. A mass-based movement requires professional access; professionals need mass support. Diversity is essential. All members can contribute best by working at the level and in the sector they know the best. The structure of the Movement shall allow the diverse groups to work and compliment each other.
  3. BE INCLUSIVE. Everyone in the world has a stake in this conflict and a role in the Movement. Many people who are neither Palestinians, Israelis, Muslims, Jewish, nor Arabs are affected by this conflict, care about the conflict, and want to be part of the solution. Christians, Hindus, secularists and people of every description are ready to pitch in to help resolve the conflict. All these energies must be respected and enlisted for the ODS Movement. Just as the Movement bases its mission on universal values, it should be universally inclusive. Anyone is welcome to join, be active, and take leading roles in the Movement as long as they sign the Declaration and respect its principles.
  4. TRIANGULATE OUR INTERNATIONAL LOBBYING. State governments around the world must endorse ODS if US and Israeli policy is ever to change. Forcing Israel to democratize will take a huge global effort. Concentrating on just one government, like the United States, will not work. Given its history in other global struggles, the US government may even be the last to endorse ODS. To get governments to adopt a position as politically sensitive as ODS, the Movement must work in all parts of the world to persuade governments one by one. Those of us with access to the United Nations can also lobby to convene related Committees that will give governments more space to debate and consider the issues. So work in every country around the world matters and is important.

Talking Points 

  1. Whatever anyone wants, advancing settlement construction has rendered the two-state solution a dead letter. 
  2. Further diplomatic support for two-state negotiations — the US “road map” and Oslo model — is therefore pointless (and the Israeli government is consistently violating their terms anyway). 
  3. International insecurity will continue as long as the status quo fosters Palestinian resistance and unrest. 
  4. The South African experience offers an example of a successful international movement to pressure a rejectionist government into democratization. 
  5. ODS is based on universal values of non-racism and anti-discrimination. Because the two-state solution is based on ethnic separation, discrimination and domination, it can only bring instability.