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In Historic Palestine

October 7, 2023: Contextual Realities of Israel’s Settler colonialism, apartheid, and genocide
Dr. Samir Abed-Rabbo
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Genocide In Gaza!

This crime against humanity is enabled by American and German weapon systems and financial subsidies. The silent of western governments provide support and cover for settler colonial apartheid Israel to continue with its crimes.

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Palestinians Murdered
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Emergency Clincs Damaged
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Children Killed
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Residential Unites Destroyed
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Ambulances Destroyed
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Women Killed
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Educational Facilities
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Places of Worship
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People Missing
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Hospitals Damaged
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Your involvement
is greatly needed.
Together we will stop
the genocide in Gaza!


Sponsor a child

This project is to assist Palestinian children in Gaza. The project works to connect a child in Gaza directly with an outside sponsor. The project will provide the sponsor with a photo of the child, a short biography, and the contact information with the child or his/her family guardian. The sponsor is asked to provide a $50 per month to cover the necessary expenses of the child. The payment can be sent directly to the family of the child or to the project’s account via PayPal or a Bank Transfer – the choice is up to the sponsor.

The need is great and your sponsorship is greatly appreciated. This project is sponsored by the Center for Advanced International Studies.