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Judaism Is not Zionism

Judaism is not Zionism! Judaism is a religion that was established by Moses in accordance to the Torah. Judaism forbids the organized return of Jews to Palestine until the coming of the Jewish Messiah. Zionism is a European political ideology that began to take shape and form in 1897 during the first Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland. Zionism aims at creating and keeping a Jewish state on a non-European piece of real estate, colonizing it for the benefit of Jews only, transferring European Jews out of Europe to be the colonizers of the new territory, and serving the interests of sponsored European powers. This Zionist plan was underway long before the Nazis came to power In Germany. Local European Jewish communities were against the Zionist ideology and some communities worked diligently against Zionism and Zionists. The first Zionist Congress was not allowed to take place in Munich, Germany due to the opposition of German Jews. It was moved to Basel, Switzerland. The second Zionist congress held in 1898 in Basle, Switzerland recognized Jewish opposition to Zionism when it first moved to conquer and colonize the Jewish communities and organizations of Europe and second to establish a colonial fund for the colonization of Palestine- please note the term used “colonial” which clearly indicates the colonial nature of the Zionist scheme to conquer and colonize Palestine.

Second Congress – Basle, Switzerland (1898)

In the face of a more active opposition to Zionism from amongst various Jewish leaders, Herzl called on the Congress to “conquer the communities.” In essence, this was a demand that the Zionist movement focus its attention not only on political activity for Palestine but also on work within the Jewish communities. At this Congress, the foundations were laid for the establishment of the Jewish Colonial Trust, a financial body aimed at the development of Palestine. It was also at this Congress that a group of Socialists first appeared demanding representation within the Zionist leadership.

Source: The Jewish Virtual Library.