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Misunderstanding the struggle for liberation and self-determination in Palestine

Many people misunderstand the nature of the struggle for Palestine. They consider Palestine to be contested land between Israelis and Palestinians.

The facts about the struggle are simple:

  1. There was no entity called Israel before 1948. Israel is the name of the biblical figure, Jacob.
  2. There were no Israelis before 1948.
  3. There is no meaningful verifiable connection between modern Israeli Jews and the Israelite of the bible. Modern Israeli Ashkenazi Jews (European) are not Semitic and came to Judaism through conversions. The Hebrew Bible, the only source of the mythology about Israel and the Israelites, is unreliable as a source of history, archaeology, and science.
  4. European colonial Jewish settlers were transported mainly from Europe to settled and colonize historic Palestine by force and without the consent of the indigenous population, the Palestinians. All of the 37 signers of the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel were European by birth. None of them was a native to Palestine. In fact, one of signers was in Palestine for 6 months.
  5. The settler colonists established Israel in Palestine in 1948 by Jews of Jews for Jews with the active support of western colonial powers after ethnically cleansing the majority of the Palestinians, destroying more than 530 Palestinian towns and city sections, and committing scores of heinous crimes against Palestinian civilians to bring about their expulsion.
  6. Since 1948 Israel created an elaborate apartheid system that favors Jews, discriminates against the Palestinians, and is designed to maintain control and dominance of Israeli Jews over Palestinians by using genocidal methods and denying the return of the Palestinian refugees, equality between Israeli Jews and Palestinians and normal living conditions for the Palestinian people.

Palestine is not a contested territory. Palestine has its rightful owners who continuously inhabited the land and utilized it for their survival and wellbeing. The Palestinians are the original inhabitants and owners of Palestine. In 1920 and 1925 two major archeological discoveries in Palestine dated human presence to more than 1.7 million years ago.  Jewish scholars date human creation to 5,673 years ago. Currently Palestine is settled, colonized, and occupied by a foreign population (Israeli Jews) that practices, keeps and maintains a system of apartheid that favors Jews and keeps them apart from the Palestinian people.

Palestine and its lawful people the Palestinians are awaiting decolonization, liberation and self-determination. The decolonization of Palestine will restore justice to the Palestinian people, end Israeli genocide, and the elimination of the last bastion of institutional apartheid and colonialism on earth!