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Zionism: Historical / Ideological development

Zionism, the ideological force behind the establishment of the state of Israel in Palestine in 1948, is the product of Western Jewish cultural and socio-political conditions. As a political ideology, it is similar to other European ideological products of the time such as nationalism, fascism, and colonialism. It is derived from and based on a mixture of arguments and theories advanced by both Christian Gentiles and Jews that are aimed at hasting the second coming of the Messiah and resolving Europe’s “Jewish problem” by clearing Europe of its Jewish population.

Other elements at play were the social currents in Europe that brought together the interests of wealthy Jews and established powerful Gentiles to rid Europe of its Jewish agitators for revolutionary change and social justice at home.
Colonial designs also gave impetus to such wealthy Jews like the Rothschilds to collaborate with secular Herzl’s Zionists to use poor or disenfranchised eastern European Jews to establish a Jewish colony on a non-European piece of real estate. Zionism emerged as a political movement in 1897 with its own distinct ideology, platform, methodology, and structure.

Early on, the Zionist leaders recognized the importance of organization, finance, and media in achieving their objective: the establishment of a Jewish state. Theodor Herzl emerged as the central Zionist figure and his book, The Jewish State, as the blueprint for this commercial colonial venture.

The Zionist movement uses many labels to obfuscate its true nature and intentions. The deliberate mix between Judaism as a religion and Zionism as a political ideology aim at shielding Israel, as a political entity, from any legitimate criticism. The modern state, as a political entity, is relatively a new invention that did not exist at the time of the Bible. Other recent human developments do not consider the bible as a reliable source of title, history, or scientific evidence.